Carlos Hernandez

Position: Registered Massage Therapist

Carlos has spent the last decade pursuing education and experience in the health field. He has graduated from Fitness and Health Promotion, Kinesiology, and Massage Therapy.

Carlos has experience training Varsity rugby, elite level hockey, special Olympians, and general population just trying to stay in shape. During his time as a Physiotherapist Assistant and Chiropractor Assistant he has helped in the rehabilitation of concussions, post vehicular accident patients, post surgery patients, and a variety of different injuries ranging from sprains to vertebral fractures resulting in paralysis.Carlos’s goal is to combine all the experience and education he has acquired to provide all his patient’s with the highest level of care. This means not only feeling better when you leave your appointment, but also providing you with the tools you need to get back to living pain free without relying on constant therapy.

What you can expect when you book a treatment with Carlos is, a thorough assessment to figure out the cause of your symptoms, hands on techniques to decrease your pain and mobilize the body, and 1-on-1 exercise plans including, in-depth instructions, form cues, corrections, and exercise descriptions/images to take home with you.

Pricing – HST included

45min – $76.00
60min – $96.00
90min – $145.00