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Reiki with Mallory

When we go through emotional pain the energy from that pain lives/is stored in different parts of our body.  When we worry we can feel a tensing in our stomach or when we feel loved it usually hits the heart centre. If our energy is stuck we feel tired, worn down, our immune system can become compromised and we can become sick.  Reiki is energy work done by a trained practitioner who helps move energy/rebalance the Chakra points of the body where energy can become stuck. This “clothes on” treatment will leave you feeling lighter and deeply relaxed.  In some cases you will be given tools to help you navigate the things that you are getting stuck on so you are better able to handle situations that cause strain in your life. 

Reflexology with Mallory

Balance and recharge your body with a pressure point and massage-based treatment designed to target specific points on the foot that correspond with different areas of the body.  Leave feeling relaxed and recharged.

Tuning Forks with Mallory

Using vibration and sound enjoy a soothing, clothes on treatment designed to balance the body and mind.

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Mallory Erler

Position: Owner of ME Esthetics & Wellness Spa
Phone: (613) 384-4481

Mallory has been a licensed esthetician since 2006 & started ME Esthetics & Wellness Spa in 2010. Mallory offers most esthetic services and has additional training in body sugaring through Alexandria Professional® including male & female Brazilians, Reiki level 1 & 2, relaxation techniques as well as extensive additional education in skincare and is now a certified skin expert with Dermalogica®. ME Esthetics & Wellness Spa carries all Dermalogica products as well as houses a skincare treatment room with all Dermalogica PRO products for intensive skincare treatments to help you reach your skincare goals. Mallory’s passion for wellness for her clients and giving them a space to let go and recharge has been her driving focus for over a decade and only continues to grow. Clients privacy and treatment are of the highest importance to her and she strives to find new ways to improve, provide better services and a retreat that clients can come to any time they need some time for themselves.

– ME time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

mallory erler headshot

Mallory has been a licensed esthetician since 2006 & started...

Mallory Erler

Owner of ME Esthetics & Wellness Spa